• You CAN buy a better short game!

    Tired of chunking and shanking shots?
    Do you struggle with your short game?
    Ready for a wedge that REALLY does what it says?
  • Love It or Return It!

    If you do not like the club all you simply have to do is pack it up and ship it back, no questions asked!
  • The new generation in hybrid wedges

    The large full face action, set back hosel, hybrid technology and improved extra wide sole allows you to slide the club under the ball on ANY lie creating more spin and lob.
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In golf, the short game can make the biggest difference in your score. The Black Magic Golf Wedge is designed to produce any shot that a standard wedge can, while virtually eliminating shanks and chunking shots. From sand traps to high grass, our golf wedges put a more consistent spin on the ball, due to the Patented Design that keeps the face cleaner when mis-hitting behind the ball. 

The Black Magic Golf Clubs Conform to USGA Rules and are available in:
37 Degree Hybrid Wedge, 48 Degree Hybrid Pitching Wedge, 52 Degree Hybrid Gap Wedge, 56 Degree Hybrid Sand Wedge and 60 Degree Hybrid Lob Wedge.