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A Basic FAQ

Hi guys,

I wanted to post some answers to questions I get all of the time. Since most people don't look at our FAQ I decided to just do a pretty quick one here for you.



Q. How far will I hit these wedges?

A. This is a very tough one for me. I have no idea of your swing speed and how you hit the golf ball. On average from the feedback I've received is that our clubs tend to go the same distances with slower swing speeds but when you get to the faster speeds they tend to go about 5-10 yards further. For instance, I hit a 7 iron 180 yards but I hit our 37 hybrid 205 yards, so as you can see it varys with speed.


Q. With zero bounce, aren't I going to dig into the ground or sand?

A. A simple no here. Of course we aren't the indian, we just make the arrow so if you come too steep you have a chance of digging into the sand or turf. With our flat bottom it gives you a better chance of not doing that but of course it's still possible.


Q. Are your clubs USGA approved.

A. Yes, everyone of the wedges can be used in tournament play.


Q. Can you use these clubs out of the fairway or just chip with them?

A. No idea why this question comes up a lot but it does and the answer is you can use these things anywhere you can use a normal sandwedge.


Q. I'm having trouble hitting it too far while chipping around the greens from the rough.

A. Well my friend, that's the point. I explain to everyone that when you get in the rough you are going to notice a huge difference. Our club does not grab, it just glides through so what I tell everyone is just treat the rough as if it's the fairway and that will help ya.


Q. Why aren't you guys in stores or is there a place I can try them out.

A. We are not in stores by choice but we are looking into it now so we may be in early 2015. There isn't a place that you can try them out so I'm sorry for that but that is why we give a 30 day money back.


Q. Why do you only carry a 56° left handed sandwedge and not the other lofts?

A. Well, to be honest, there just wasn't a demand. Now there is and in a huge way so we aren't leaving you lefties out to dry. By early 2015 we will carry all lofts in left handed.


Q. This is from out of the country orders. Why does it take 2-5 days to ship my order?

A. This isn't from us, this is just protecting us. We get orders from Australia, Malaysia, Korea weekly. Your payment has to be accepted in order for the goods to go out the door. It stays in pending status for those 2-5 days but once it clears, it ships out right away.


There are tons more that I will get to another time but these are the main ones on top of my head and all of which I just heard today. We are here to help you guys with anything you need.


All The Best,


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